1. Android Kitkat will reportedly focus on supporting TVs and wearable tech, tackling fragmentation by

  2. ": A handy dandy graphic on how to give a Talk, courtesy of Klaudia Tolman of in Poland: "

  3. Few companies embody the spirit of Mexican-American co-operation as much as 3DRobotics, a small dronemaker

  4. Genial! : Google is testing an Android app that connects devices to city-wide WiFi hotspots

  5. Llegué en a Panamá desde Lima a la hora y sin contratiempos :D

  6. Saliendo de Lima a Ciudad de Panamá en al parecer en hora. allá vamos :D

  7. BlackBerry says iOS, Android versions of BBM downloaded 5 million times in 8 hours

  8. Rumbo a Panamá a abrir un nuevo mercado para . Esta semana organizamos Outliers School PANAMA.

  9. "Digital makers are creators, not just consumers of digital technologies", pdf

  10. Interesante! La metodología para medir el crecimiento no es la convencional, pero no deja de ser un indicador. Hi...

  11. Dear John thanks for your songs. Neither did I learn the assignment at school :-)

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